Stroog.Node is a connector used as a node to join components.
It can be used in various combinations such as pin joints, Rahmen joints, truss joints, brace joints, and joints for mixed structures to suit your plans.
Unlike metal construction methods that remain focused on streamlining joints, this connector can realize a diversity of wooden architecture which was difficult in conventional wooden structures by being used in conjunction with other STROOG products.

Stroog.Face is a full range of connectors and accessories which are used to configure a structural surface.
It enables unprecedented wooden structures such as special bearing walls, thick wood panels (LVL, bonded wood, CLT), high-strength bearing walls, high bearing-force horizontal structural surfaces, and seismic control damper walls, adding value to buildings.

Stroog.LSB comprises lag screw bolts (LSB) and accessories as well as screwing torque control wrenches and jigs.
They are available in the below 4 types, each of which has several lengths and diameters.
They can be used on their own or in combination with other Stroog products and/or custom-ordered products.
They also provide ability to construct a truss structure as well as cantilevered steps and beams.