1. Development, manufacturing and sales of connectors

We develop, manufacture and sell connectors used for timber joints in wooden architecture.
In addition to a wide range of product lines, we also develop and manufacture tailor-made products to realize the strength and beauty required by architects and designers.

2. Research and development of wooden structures

We are engaged in research and development of wooden structures which have strength and flexibility equal to those of conventional steel or reinforced concrete structures. Among these commitments, we also undertake joint research studies with universities and institutions such as the University of Tokyo and the Kyoto University.
Additionally, we address various types of tests using both in-house and third-party testing machines.

3. Structural calculation services

We conduct structural calculations for various types of wooden architecture including mixed structures.
We also offer our structural calculation services via the Internet.

4. Dispatch of information

We are engaged in awareness activities by providing information on the wide-ranging benefits of wooden architecture, and the advantages for each party including architects, designers, constructors, and clients.