Innovative Wooden Structure

Unlike common wooden structures which bear vertical load with beams and columns and resist seismic force with bearing walls, solid and thick wood panels configured with Face.Solid can resist both vertical load and seismic force on their own.
This eliminates the limitations imposed by columns, beams and bearing walls, realizing designs that could not be achieved with conventional wooden architecture.
Face.Solid can be used for bonded wood panels, LVL timber walls, and CLT, boosting utilization of eco-friendly timber and realizing a space surrounded by wood.
In use with other STROOG connectors, it can increase the design possibilities of wooden structures.

Strong and Beautiful Structural Bodies

As the connectors can be hidden inside the timber or under the floor, Face.Solid can construct wooden structures highlighting the innate beauty of solid and thick wood panels.
For example, you can construct a beautiful wooden space exhibiting the laminated surfaces of LVL as a design feature.

LVL timber walls with Face.Solid and other connectors used for a university building

Strength testing for cedar CLT and fasteners

LVL timber walls (cross-section: 150mm × 900mm) with Face.Solid connector attached