Vertical Structural Surface

The magnitude of seismic force impacting a building is proportionate to the building weight: the larger the building scale is, the greater the seismic force it is impacted by.
We provide the connectors and technology for high-strength bearing walls that are required to resist such seismic forces.

Horizontal Structural Surface

In order for the bearing walls installed in a building to resist seismic force cooperatively, they need to be joined together by horizontal structural surfaces such as the floor and roof. This means that the planning of a large void or steep ceiling requires horizontal surfaces with high bearing force.
We provide the connectors and technology for high bearing-force horizontal structural surfaces that can accommodate these types of plans.

Face.Plane for 150mm x 150mm column
Can also be joined with a brace

Realization of a large void / Uehara O

Landing configured with high bearing-force horizontal structural surface / House in Gotokuji