Accommodating a Wide Range of Usages and Scales

We provide connectors with various bearing force capabilities to accommodate a wide range of usages and scales from residential to school-building scale.
Our Node.Column can be used for both rectangular and square columns. As it accommodates 90mm x 90mm columns, it is also suitable for small-scale constructions such as infills.

High Bearing-Force Connectors

Some of our connectors can withstand a maximum bearing force of approximately 500kN (approx. 50t).
You can also choose a connector type with toughness (ductile strength) based on the requirements of the structural features.

Beautiful Joints

The connector contained within the column can realize a beautiful joint.
It can also configure a joint where any holes including pin holes are completely invisible, keeping the timber surface intact even for an exposed structure.

Accommodates various cross-section sizes and bearing force requirements

Left: 300m x 300mm column,
Right: 105mm x 105mm column

Also suitable for hexagonal columns