Realizing Large-Span Spaces and Flexible Planning with Systemized Connectors

By allowing components to be joined together at any desired angle, Node.Free enables a large space to be configured with large-span trusses, flexible planning using braced high-strength bearing walls, and large void or attic spaces to be configured with braced horizontal structural surfaces.
We also support timber and steel braces with multiple types of ready-made connectors.

Strong and Beautiful Joints

By using wooden or steel covers, you can make simple joints even more beautiful.
In addition, by configuring wooden structural frames with strong and rigid Node.Free, you can prevent deformation such as flexure and tilt, and build safe wooden structural frames.

Precise Installation

You can conduct installation without requiring extensively experienced skills and build loosen-proof frames by tightening at the construction site.

Node.Free used as a converging point of four material components

Node.Free (steel covered type) used to connect timber and a steel rod at any angle

An angled brace with Node.Free (steel covered type)